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Downrigger with Telescopic Boom

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Downrigger with Telescopic Boom
Downrigger with Telescopic Boom Downrigger with Telescopic Boom Downrigger with Telescopic Boom Downrigger with Telescopic Boom

Part Number: DRTBM

Every component on our downrigger is precision machined from a solid piece of aluminum and anodized to military specs.  This downrigger is equipped with a 3'-6' telescopic boom and includes the following:

Swivel Base, Electric Motor with Controls, Boom with Tilt-Up Quick Release Lock, Adjustable Clutch, Ball Cradle, idler and end pulley, and Two Rod Holders on Repositional Mounts.

Motor Specs

The downriggers use a powerful 12 volt motor with a 7/16” stainless steel output shaft which retrieves at  135 ft/min.   The three mounting lugs are in a 1-7/8” bolt circle and are ¼-28 fine threaded holes.  The electric controls come with a 15 amp resettable breaker.  It has enough torque to get any job done in any condition!

 For added protection, our motors include a weatherproof heat shrunk boot around the exterior of the motor/power leads and are protected with a GE silicone sealant to provide long term sustainability.

Swivel Base and Ball Cradle

 The bolt pattern on the swivel base will fit our downriggers and thumbscrew mounts (also compatible with Big Jon downriggers/thumbscrew mounts).  It indexes every 22 ½° (16 positions) and engagement is held by a tapered stainless steel pin into a tapered hole to ensure that there is never any “slop” for the lifetime of this product.  For ease of movement stainless ball bearing are installed on the top and bottom of the indexing wheel.

The T-Handle is shown on the rear of the downrigger, but the handle can be rotated to face the left or right side of the downrigger to provide more clearance room if desired.  T-Handle assures easy grip when rotating the unit.

The ball cradle is provided and unlike other manufacturers our ball cradle allows you to easily hold more than one weight.  The open end cut at the front of the cradle allows you to store a 12 lb. weight securely in the cradle while allowing 8 lb.+ weights to hang through the bottomless base! 

Rod Holders

The tube style rod holder is designed to index 360° with 20 interlocking positions by simply lifting and turning our exclusively engineered spring loaded mechanism.  When engaged, it is secured by machined teeth around the entire circumference for virtually no wear on the product ensuring long lasting sustainability.

 In addition to the radial movement, the tube will adjust to any angle from 0-90° by actuating the padded lever.  The lever can be rotated in any direction to meet the needs of each user. In the bottom of each tube is a machined extension mates with the cross cut in the rod handle butt to keep the rod from swaying.

The rod holders are on a base which can be installed in the reverse direction so they sit behind the reels.

Pulleys and Clutch Knob

Our pulley’s are constructed with solid aluminum side plates, hard anodized aluminum sheave, stainless steel ball bearings, and bolted together with stainless steel hardware.  The sheave is recessed to prevent the line from being captured between the side plate and sheave.  The 12/0 swivel is rated by the manufacturer at 1500 lbs (this swivel is constructed in the USA).  Unlike our competitors you will not find a single piece of plastic on our pulleys. 

This solid aluminum clutch knob is 2 ½” in diameter with a 7/16-14 thread tapped thru hole.  This knob can directly replace plastic knobs found on Big Jon electric drives.

7” Aluminum Reel

 The entire reel is machined from a solid round of aluminum and has a 7/16” bore.  Four clutch pads, machined from a solid bar of 660 bronze are provided, which are capable of handling extreme amounts of pressure and heat. A depth counter is installed to monitor how many revolutions the reel has made.

Downrigger Electric Controls

 The electric control box is constructed of polycarbonate material and has a waterproof enclosure with stainless steel screws.  The wire fittings have rubber inserts to grip and seal the wire as it enters the control box to ensure a watertight seal. 

 Included in the control is a resettable push button 8 amp breaker with a waterproof boot.  There is a 3-way switch (on-off-on) which controls the spooling rotation of the reel and also includes a switch guard and a waterproof boot. The wire is 14 gauge fine stranded low voltage copper wire.  The jacket of the wire is UV/water/oil resistant.  We provide 6 feet of wire from the boat power supply to the downrigger.

Price: $1099.99


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