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What Makes Our Rod Holders The Best?

When you purchase a Cisco rod holder you don't just receive a product, but a promise!  We are so confident in the workmanship of our rod holders that we back them 100% with our Lifetime Limited Warranty. 

Our rod holders are taken to the limits in some of the harshest conditions on the water and are ruggedly constructed to withstand a lifeitme of abuse.  Fisherman have found our products to be the BEST ON THE MARKET for Walleye, Salmon, Perch, Crappie and even Muskie fishing!  It adjusts in any direction with no tools in seconds and our exclusively designed cam-lock feature ensures that the tube of our rod holders will never slip when secured in position!

Product Features

Please read the following features listed below to see why Cisco rod holders will be the last ones you ever own!

Indexing Base

Every rod holder comes with a spring loaded indexing base which allows the unit to rotate 360° (22 different positions) by simply lifting on the tube of the rod holder and turning it to your desired location.  We utilize a top and bottom indexing plate with twenty precision milled teeth on each plate for a tight engagement and no "slop".  Some of our competitors use only a single pin for their indexing stop and with the pin moving back and forth it can cause the hole in the aluminum to elongate.

Other manufacturers advertise that their rod holders rotate as well, but what they do not tell you is that tools may be required.  If you are looking for a feature comparable to our spring loaded indexing base you may find look alikes but this will come to you at a higher cost.

High Torque Tested

When engineering our equipment no corners were cut to ensure maximum quality for a lifetime of use.  This stainless steel pin has been tested to withstand extreme amounts of torque and will never bend or wear. To prove this, our tubes are attached to our rod holders by means of a 1/2" Stainless Steel 302 Grade Pin.  This means that the tube is supported by a stainless steel pin which will tolerate 75,000 lbs per square inch before losing form while other manufacturers simply use a stainless steel bolt.

Infinite Tube Positioning - Positive Locking Head

While other manufacturers are complacent with offering 9 different tube positions for your rod holder, we are not.  Instead we have engineered an innovative design which allows you to adjust your tube to ANY angle between 0-90°.  When engaged our padded lever tightly secures the tube in position with absolutely no "slop" in the tube position. 
Some of our competitors use only a single threaded screw for their indexing; over time with the pin moving back and forth it can cause the hole in the aluminum to elongate causing the tube to fit loosely in position.

Removable Tubes

Cisco Tubes are REMOVABLE - Unlike the other guys who crimp on their tubes, all of our tubes are left handed threaded onto a tube base so they can easily be removed whenever necessary. This is great for storage purposes, especially for rocket launchers when putting covers on at the end of the season.

Tubes are available in bright blue, bright gold and bright black.

No Plastic Parts

We manufacture our mounts using only solid aircraft grade anodized aluminum, stainless steel screws, solid brass and bronze components; if you’re looking for plastic and other weak components then you must look elsewhere…you won’t find any of those parts here.

We offer a 100% guarantee on our rod holders! Every component in Cisco rod holders is made from SOLID aluminum and is precision machined to create the highest quality rod holder available on the market. There is no situation where plastic can ever be strong enough to hold the high amount of torque that serious anglers put on their rod holders. Cisco rod holders are built to last a lifetime of constant abuse.

No Rubber Caps Required!

Other major manufacturers simply saw off the tube and place a rubber cap over it to keep sharp edges from being exposed, but over time this cap, as you probably know will fall into the water.  At Cisco we machine a precision smooth radius on the ends of our rod holder tubes; this smooth radius protects your equipment and eliminates the nuisance of constantly replacing end caps.

Perfectly Spaced Rod Holders

 Cisco rod holders are a standard 8 1/4" apart on the cross plates.  This position is vital to maintain a safe distance between rods to keep lines from tangling and rod from hitting each other.  Other manufacturers are much closer together.  Also, in the bottom of each Cisco tube is a machined a cross cut which mates with the rod holder butt. This keeps rod from swaying in the holder and hitting one another.

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